1. Search for your business in our directory

        a) If you find your business already listed – Claim your listing.
        b) If you did not find your business – Add A Listing


2. Ensure that ALL fields are completed.
     The more information we have about your business, the more customers will get to know you, and
     the better we will be at driving the right customers through your door.


3. Once you have completed your listing, an account will be automatically created for you.
     You will use this account to :

        a) Manage your current listing

        b) Create a new listing (if your business has multiple locations)

        c) Create ads on our website via our promotions link

        d) Create events such as – sales, fashion shows, collection previews, sip and shops

        e) Manage your account information which includes – orders, payment methods, account details


4. You will receive an email from informing you that your listing has be submitted for approval.


5. You will receive a second email outlining whether your listing has been approved or not.

         a) If your listing has been approved, you will be sent a link to set an appointment to speak with one of
             our marketing and advertising consultants. This will be to set up your ad account (this is free of charge).

         b) If your listing has not been approved, you will receive an email outlining the reasons why your listing was denied.